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At Luxe Fine Art, we assist clients in buying and selling fine art.  Whether collecting for investment, speculation, or aesthetic purposes, there is fabulous individuality with each fine art collector and their collection goals.

For buyers of fine art, we advise clients in discovering artists and locating specific works of art in order to build a meaningful collection.  We facilitate the acquisition of individual works, locating art through galleries, dealers, and private collections as the pieces become available.

For those who are deaccessioning, we advise and facilitate the sales process.  We are committed to maximizing returns for our clients by carefully considering the factors involved in each situation.

Our business is low-key, personal and confidential; we thrive on building trusted business relationships.  Luxe Fine Art exists mainly through word of mouth referrals, and our goal is to honor each client with the best possible service, whether buying or selling.  Client privacy is clearly understood and highly respected at all times.

We do our best to make each art selection and purchase a great experience, so clients can focus on enjoying and appreciating every art acquisition.  Whether you are a seasoned collector or an art neophyte, we look forward to working with you!

“Making money is art and working is art, and good business is the best art.”  - Andy Warhol


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