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Whether the design project is a residential or a commercial space, artwork is an essential element of every sophisticated environment.  Far from being just a room ornament, artwork sets the style and ambiance; it’s truly the completion of inspired design.


With Luxe Fine Art, you can achieve clarity and confidence when selecting artwork for your design projects.  There are many art sources and style possibilities to choose from, so we streamline the process for you.  We start by listening to your ideas and then working to either create or locate exactly what you’re looking for.  We’ll source the best pieces within your client’s budget.


If you prefer a custom designed piece, Luxe Fine Art represents a diverse group of established fine artists who are experienced in creating fabulous custom artwork.  Working in a variety of mediums, each of our artists is accomplished in their own unique style, technique, and artistic presence.


We will utilize your specific artwork ideas or PMS colors when creating the perfect piece your client will love.  If you prefer, you can send photos of the room or wall where the artwork will be installed, and we’ll Photoshop options in that space.  This gives a very good visual idea of what it will look like after installation.


Please note: since we create custom artwork, this Luxe Fine Art website is for representational purposes only.  It’s not a complete catalog of available artwork.


We’d love to hear from you, so email or give us a call to talk about your next project!

“Love of beauty is taste.  The creation of beauty is art.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson


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